MCO – HS Group provide excellent seafood to you

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Where to go to buy food😱 MCO 2.0 Kulai all markets cannot be opened😢 Go to HS Group to buy, buy, buy 🎉💯 SOP is ready to fill up!!!. On the first day of entering MCO 2.0, the Johor Bahru City Council ordered the closure All markets. Moms and Dads don’t know where to buy fresh ingredients and daily necessities, so take them to the most high-end fresh supermarket in Johor HS Group! We have ample supply of goods, food, drink, and use; fresh pork and chicken from our own farm, fish, shrimp and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits; there are also a variety of choices such as newly-introduced New Year goods, Internet celebrity snacks, etc. Most importantly, We strictly abide by the standard operating procedures for epidemic prevention formulated by the government. Employees frequently check their body temperature every day and wear the necessary protection. For every customer who comes to the supermarket, we will ensure that everyone has their temperature, wear masks, and maintain a safe social distance. For shopping and shopping with peace of mind, go to 💗. HS Group is with you, and success in fighting the epidemic is imperative 💪.

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